Gold Sponsor: K Morgan Assoc LLC

Our mission is extremely focused: We simplify the work life of Facility Managers, Owners and Property Managers.

K. Morgan customers receive the benefits of our seasoned painters, newest technology, methods and a proven dedication to integrity. It takes more than competitive pricing to meet project challenges. It’s the entire customer experience that creates a successful project. One of the key advantages in working with K. Morgan is “relationships.” You can think of it as a project or as an ongoing way to create a win-win for all involved. K. Morgan and our customers have a long history of working together, being flexible and responsive. We serve many of the most demanding companies in the state and that takes much more than swinging a brush, pushing a roller or aiming a spray gun. Every one of our painters is an OSHA trained, experienced professional who knows how to work as a self-starter and one who can handle challenges that are often unforeseen right on the job in real time.

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